SIP Workbench is a graphical SIP, RTP, STUN, and TURN protocol viewer for VoIP and IM network interactions.  It is a highly versatile tool that enables protocol developers, system integrators, and end-users to illustrate, analyze, and debug complex multi-protocol interactions.




Key Features

• Graphical display of complex interactions

• Correlates SIP messaging

• Filters large data sets

• Decodes STUN and TURN packets

• Summaries media

• Operates directly from network captures


Key Benefits


Saves Time

Users can quickly and visually review packet interactions, filter a particular flow, and identify retransmissions, timing inconsistencies, failed requests, dropped responses, and routing issues.  This functionality enables rapid diagnosis and resolution of problems.


Facilitates Communications

When troubleshooting, users can export ASCII representations of either an entire packet or a particular portion of a packet, annotate it, and share it with a vendor, system administrator, or developer to facilitate communications.


Highlights Problems

SIP Workbench incorporates visual indicators representing negative responses, missing responses, flowing media, and timing characteristics into its graphical display.  Different messages and message types are color coded in a way that highlights and isolates potential problems within an interaction.


Educational Tool

Those unfamiliar with SIP, STUN, TURN and RTP benefit from SIP Workbench’s intuitive graphical interface which allows users to easily  visualize interactions and compare message flows.